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15% Off Any Session, Package, or Membership


*To book multiple services/sessions: Select a service, schedule a session, and 'Add to Cart'. Next, simply repeat the process for additional services/sessions, then 'Checkout' .  Float Therapy Groups: Select different treatment rooms with the same appointment time for each session in your Cart.
*To share a treatment room with a guest (Float, Contrast, Plunge, Sauna, and Cryo only): Book your primary appointment (online), and pay a Guest Add-On fee in-store after the session (not online).

*To pay with your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), please contact our team for help!

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Earn Lotuses and turn them into rewards!

100 Lotuses | 10% OFF Any Session, Package, or Membership (First Month)

25 Lotuses when you Sign Up
25 Lotuses every time you Schedule a Treatment
75 Lotuses every time you Buy a Package or Membership


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