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Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.

Eckhart Tolle

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Our Purpose & Vision

Our mission is simple: Help people just "be". We want to enrich people's lives by providing powerful treatments that allow you to unlock your true inner potential. Our core values are centered around the belief that health & wellness require the ability to live deeply in the present moment. 


We serve to heal mind and body unlike any other deep relaxation, meditative, or pain management therapy found in the entire world. Seriously.

Why did we startup Be Spa? 


Be Spa is a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul. A safe space where you can let go, restore, and experience wellness in a new light.


For years, we had embarked on a quest to find the most effective healing technologies available in the world. We were deeply inspired to share our story with anyone who would listen. After years of research and preparation, Be Spa was born.

Our Commitment

Be spa strongly believes each customer is our most valued customer. We are committed to delivering premium service to all of our members and guests. By identifiying unique needs, we constantly strive for perfection in everything we do. Our success is rooted deeply in continuously looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

What makes us different?

Our premium, state of the art equipment and dedicated staff are readily prepared to accommodate each unique client. We also provide additional healing therapies to further deepen the Be Spa experience.


Most importantly, everyone that works for Be Spa loves Be Spa. We think you will too.

We fell in love at first float.

After experiencing the well-documented benefits of Floating for the first time, we embraced a global community of floaters that were 100% convinced this was the key to deep relaxation, rich meditation, and pain management, amongst a myriad of other benefits. 

Light it up.

NASA had originally researched LED Light Therapy to allow for plant growth in space, later discovering the technique could help heal and restore at the cellular level. Everyone started taking notice, including us. The FDA has extensively studied the expanded benefits of LED/Red Light Therapy.

Take the plunge.

Ice baths can have a profound effect on both physical and mental wellness. A modern ice bath involves clean, temperature controlled water to help you recover and feel amazing. Dopamine increases and is converted to a 5x boost in adrenaline to keep you motivated, confident, and resilient to life stressors.

Cryo, you're cool too.

As our journey continued, we discovered another powerful healing technology in Cryotherapy. Its anti-aging and restorative properties were irresistible. It activates a central nervous response that brings a rush of new life to anyone's body in less than 3 minutes. We were impressed.

Ready. Sweat. Go!

The unquestionable efficacy of an Infrared Sauna provides powerful detoxification and purification benefits. Infrared waves directly heat the core of the body and penetrate deep in the skin, tissues, muscles, and joints, allowing for powerful benefits that are simply irresistable.

Hot. Cold. Sold.

By combining the power of Sauna and Ice Bath, Contrast Therapy is able to improve lymphatic circulation, in addition to all of the wholesome benefits that Infrared heat and cold plunging provide individually. Take your wellness game to another level with this ancient practice of Hot Cold therapy. You'll feel amazing.

The journey continues.

We are always searching for new, compelling treatment therapies to bring to our customers. Our passion for biohacking and helping people is relentless. Please let us know what therapies or ideas you would like to see and join the Be Spa community!

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