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Experience cutting-edge modalities that boost immunity, accelerate recovery, and improve mental health. Discover the science of natural healing with Float Therapy, Cryotherapy, LED Light Therapy, and more to come.

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Floatation therapy is the easiest way to experience deep relaxation, profound meditation, and breakthrough recovery.
Our exclusive bePods have the widest interior area of any float pod in Los Angeles and include LED chromotherapy lighting, music, and two-way intercom to reduce feelings of claustrophobia or fear of the darkness. Be Spa's state of the art rooms and flotation therapy equipment become your own personal sanctuary to calm the daily stresses of life. 1,200 pounds of USP grade epsom salts help soothe aches and pain, and relax the nervous system in an anti-gravity environment.

Our float tanks are safe, kept impeccably clean, and exceed CDC and NSF guidelines. Let go of all your worries, calm the body and mind, and just be.


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TRUE Whole Body Cryotherapy exposes you to
sub-zero temperatures from head to toe
for up to 
3 minutes.

Reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery
in our state of the art cryogenic chamber, utilizing breathable air technology with your safety in mind. Listen to your favorite song while the biohacking begins, meditate, or sharpen 
those Wim 
Hof breathing techniques to perfection.
Cryo is also known to improve immune function, boost your metabolism, burn calories, release endorphins, and drain lactic acid by activating the body's natural defense mechanisms. Cold Therapy promotes anti-aging and takes wellness
to another level.


LightStim TRUE Whole Body LED Light Therapy is FDA cleared to help repair at the cellular level. Our LED bed and facial panel deliver beneficial light energy into the body, similar to how plants absorb energy from the sun. Patented MultiWave technology utilizes four different frequencies of Red Light (Infrared, Deep Infrared, Light Red, and Deep Red).
Clinical trials demonstrate tightening of the skin, synthesis of collagen, accelerated wound healing, and a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, acne, and cellulite. Red Light Therapy also helps alleviate arthritic pain, joint pain, and musle spasms. The treatment works by collectively strengthening 
mitochondria, increasing adnenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, effectively preventing free radicals from damaging your cells.


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